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Virtual Visits available 24/7 through our app for $59 or file on insurance

24/7 Care

Be evaluated and treated by a provider virtually, anytime, any day. This is healthcare on your schedule.

Skip the trip to the doctor's office and consult with one of our medical providers on your smartphone, tablet, or computer from the comfort of your own home!


Treatable Conditions

QuickVisit Now providers are trained to assess you over video. Whether you've woken up in the middle of the night feeling unwell or just want to save a trip to the doctor's office for a simple prescription refill, QuickVisit Now is here to provide healthcare when you need it.

• Sinus Infections

• Mild Allergic Reactions

• Cough

• Prescription Refills *

• Primary Care

• Minor Orthopedic Issues

• Dermatology (Acne, Rashes, cold sores, Poison Ivy, ect.)

• Anxiety & Depression *

  • Sore Throat

  • Urinary Tract Infections 

  • Men's Health

  • Arthritis/ Joint Pain

  • Gout Flare

  • Pink Eye

  • Mild Asthma flare

  • Covid with mild symptoms

  • Weight Loss Treatment *

*We are unable to fill any controlled substances​

Medical Team

QuickVist Now can partner with your primary care office, urgent care clinic, or hospital to provide load-balancing services. Our additional coverage assists during peak volumes or provides coverage after hours. Together, we improve patient flow, decrease wait times, and enhance patient satisfaction.

 QuickVisit Now can offer your company access to 24/7 virtual care. Offering 24/7 access to providers has proven to increase productivity, reduce absenteeism, lower overall healthcare costs, and foster healthier, happier employees.  

Successful Meeting



"...The process was so easy and my phone appointment took place within minutes. I felt very comfortable talking with the Nurse Practitioner. She answered all my questions and explained everything.. my appointment took less than 10 minutes... I highly recommend QuickVisit Now. "


"Our entire family has received excellent care here! ... Kym Catlin, FNP... has seen us through injuries, Covid, and mystery illnesses missed by other specialists. Unfortunately is it often difficult to find a provider who truly listens and leaves no stone unturned. She is so knowledgeable and really cares about her patients."


"Super Convenient medication refill for terrible allergy season! I was quickly connected with a provider that reviewed my past medication and helped me change up my schedule for some much needed relief"