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Can you put a bandaid on your brain?

The sun is out and the weather is warming up. It is getting close to what those of us in health care term "Trauma Season". People are out riding ATVs, bikes, long boards, and skate boards without helmets putting them at high risk for head injury.

"Wearing a helmet reduced the risk of head injury by 63%, and loss of consciousness by 86%" (1)

You can't put a bandaid on your bruised brain, and you can't put a cast on a broken skull. These just have to heal. Head injuries and concussions can have long lasting effects. Wearing a helmet correctly is an important step in protection against brain injuries.

There are some things to think about with helmet safety to get the best benefit.

  • Not reusing a helmet after head accident

  • Age appropriate (make sure it fits)

  • Worn consistently and correctly (with straps buckled)

  • Appropriate for use

Did you know there are many different types of helmets?

Bike helmets are probably the most common when people think about helmets. However, there are batters, catchers, equestrian, football, hockey, skateboard, and ski/snowboard helmets. They are all made for the specific use to provide the best protection for your head.

There is a free App called HEADS UP from the CDC that helps you learn to spot a possible concussion and what to do if you think your child has a head injury or concussion. It also has a 3D helmet fit feature. There are several other resources on the CDC website on head injuries and safety. (2)

There are programs set up for free helmets. The #TexasMedicalAssociation sponsors Hard Hats for Little Heads helmet give away. If you go to Bike Texas or Texas Medical Association you can look for events close to your location. You can also check with your local Children's hospital as they sometimes offer free helmets.

We will be discussing head injuries in upcoming blog posts. Continue to follow us for more information an health and safety. QuickVisit Now is open 24 hours a day 7 days a week 365 days a year offering virtual urgent and primary care. We currently serve #Texas, #Iowa, #Oregon, #Idaho, #Montana, #Colorado, #Alabama, and #Virginia. You can schedule online or call 800-903-6184 to make an appointment.

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Author: Kimberly Catlin APRN, FNP-C is a Family Nurse Practitioner with QuickVisit Now. After serving in the US Marine Corps, she went to UT Tyler for her undergraduate degree, while going through the program she worked as an LVN. Upon completion of her BSN in 2006 she worked in the Emergency Room and ICU as a registered nurse. In 2011 she graduated with her Masters in Nursing and obtained her Nurse Practitioner license. She spent the next 10 years working family practice, internal medicine, pulmonary, sleep and critical care. In April of 2020, she started with QuickVisit Urgent Care in Henderson, Texas. She moved full-time to QuickVisit Now as a virtual medicine provider in November 2020. She was promoted to management and QuickVisit Now Coordinator in October 2021. With her years of experience, she enjoys providing evidenced based practice to all ages.

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