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Updated: Apr 22, 2022

Did you know that more than 100,000 people are waiting for a lifesaving organ transplant. That is about the number of people that can fit into Kyle Field home of the Aggies, Michigan Stadium, or Texas Memorial Stadium home of the Longhorns.

April is National Donate Life Month. #donatelifemonth #BeeADonor #DonateLife April 6th is #LivingDonorDay, and #NationalPediatricTransplantWeek is April 24-30th.

There are so many ways that people can donate. There are actually many types of donation that a person can offer. There is donation after death, living donation, whole body donation, and birth tissue donation.

"One person's organ donation can save up to 8 lives, cornea donation can restore sight to 2 people, and tissue donation can heal the lives of up to 75 people" (1)

About 10 years ago I had the pleasure to meet a lady who had donated one of her kidneys to her daughter. Crissy Irvin didn't hesitate to give one of her kidneys to her 2 year old daughter. That type of donation is considered a living donation. That living donation kidney lasted Bliss Williams until she was in high school.

Bliss and Crissy

Throughout high school she started having some increased issues with kidney function which lead to fatigue. Some days she struggled to get out of bed due to the fatigue. Right after graduation she was admitted to the hospital, and had a dialysis port placed. Due to her previous donation she had built up antibodies which meant she only had a 22% chance of finding a match. Thankfully, five months after starting dialysis there was a match for her second kidney transplant. It was emotional for Crissy as she knew her daughter had a second chance and live, but that another family lost a loved one since this was a deceased donor. Bliss and her family live in Boise, ID so they had to travel to Salt Lake City, UT for her organ transplant. They had to stay there for about a month after the transplant. She has been returning to Salt Lake City for her follow-up appointments, and is followed by her kidney specialist in the Boise area.

Bliss and her family

Bliss is now almost 21, and is attending College of Western Idaho majoring in Studio Art. Without the gift of donation Bliss wouldn't be living the life she is today.

The majority of people on the transplant list are waiting for kidneys. Actually, 85% of the people on the transplant list are waiting for a kidney transplant. About 17 people a day die while waiting for a transplant.

There are currently 1900 children on the transplant list, of those more than 25% are under the age of 5. (2) Pediatric organ transplants differ because the size of the donated organ is important. If children are under the age of 18 it is the decision of the parents or guardian about donation.

Today is Blue and Green day we encourage you to wear blue and green. Go to to sign up to be an organ donor. In the state of TX you can have it put on your driver's license. However, it is also important to discuss with you next of kin (family members) so they know your wishes. Ultimately it will be up to them to make the decision about organ donation. Starting in 2022, Donate Life American is launching the National Donate Life Donor Registry. If you want more information on registering as a Living Donor you should click here.

As a reminder QuickVisit Now provides 24/7/365 virtual medicine services in #Texas, #Iowa, #Oregon, #Idaho, #Montana, #Colorado, #Alabama, and #Virginia for a flat $59 fee. Our sister company QuickVisit Urgent Care as facilities throughout North East Texas and Iowa for set low price of $99 for cash pay, and they except most insurances.

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Author: Kimberly Catlin APRN, FNP-C is a Family Nurse Practitioner with QuickVisit Now. After serving in the US Marine Corps, she went to UT Tyler for her undergraduate degree, while going through the program she worked as an LVN. Upon completion of her BSN in 2006 she worked in the Emergency Room and ICU as a registered nurse. In 2011 she graduated with her Masters in Nursing and obtained her Nurse Practitioner license. She spent the next 10 years working family practice, internal medicine, pulmonary, sleep and critical care. In April of 2020, she started with QuickVisit Urgent Care in Henderson, Texas. She moved full-time to QuickVisit Now as a virtual medicine provider in November 2020. She was promoted to management and QuickVisit Now Coordinator in October 2021. With her years of experience, she enjoys providing evidenced based practice to all ages.

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